What is Small Review Service?

This website (Small Review Service) is my device to get my views on games and gaming out there; not to compete as a large reviewing website (hence the name).

It isn’t a website to give behemoth reviews on every game out there through the medium of various, fairly differing, writers and then leave a poignant value at the end with no real relation to the actual review (partially because I don’t have the time or resources to do that).

It is, though, a website to show a different range of games than which floods the mainstream media, with carelessly carefully written articles intended to actually describe the game beyond the first few hours. It is a small service to help find games you may or may not have heard of, and give you an actual insight into them.

With this, I hope for people to actually read about the games and build a stronger grasp on them beyond a certain number given with the smallest actual knowledge of the game. I hope for people to be able to find the lesser known gems out there and avoid the highly publicized, often paper-thin games.

I hope to create a website which people find genuinely useful, and not attract a comments section filled with troll wars. A simple website for Gamers to communicate and share opinions with one another.

The first few articles will be reviews of E3 2013 (late to the party, I am) and should be up soon.


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